What We Do



We identify open space or historic parcels that are iconic to Midway and partner with conservation groups and Midway City to provide options for interested landowners so they can leave a legacy for future generations.


We provide education to landowners, community members, and local governments about the benefit of open space and land conservation.


We bring community partners together to celebrate and protect the spaces we love through collaborative efforts, including raising funds to purchase development rights and conservation easements.

Our Successes

    • First organization dedicated to getting $15 million in open space bonds passed in Wasatch County and in Midway.  
    • Educational efforts led to the formation of the Midway and Wasatch Open Space Committees.
    • Supported changes to Midway Zoning Codes to promote open space conservation such as the Five Acre Rural Preservation subdivision which incentivizes developers to create lots that are five acres or more.
    • At the forefront of educating the public about incentives for open space such as Conservation Easements, the Urban Greenbelt Act, the Right to Farm Act, and Agricultural Protection Areas.
    • Worked with Summit Land Conservancy and Utah Open Lands to preserve iconic open spaces in Midway such as:
        • 100 acre Kohler Dairy land
        • 78 acre Mt. Spa land
        • 82 acre Kem Gardner land

Why We Need You

Preserve Midway has an all-volunteer Board and a very part time Executive Director on staff.  We need your help volunteering, serving on the Board, and with fundraising to support open space.  Without Preserve Midway, our town will change forever.  Without your support we can’t carry out our mission.  Please click below to help us preserve Midway.