We are aware that misinformation and completely inaccurate information has been circulated regarding Pure Midway. This is unfortunate, especially when Pure Midway’s sole purpose is to help landowners and our elected City officials become aware of options they have regarding their land. We’d love to discuss with anyone the details of what we are doing, and why we think it’s in the best interest of Midway. In addition we will be clarifying some of that misinformation with regular posts over the next few weeks in a series of “Mythbuster” posts.

Today’s post is Mythbuster #1

Myth: Pure Midway is just a bunch of rich new people, who want to take away land use rights.

Truth: Pure Midway is made up of people from all over, including some who were born and raised in Midway, some that come from other rural Utah towns, and some who were born elsewhere but have raised their kids here and are now raising grandkids here. We don’t have a membership requirement that you have to be a long term resident to join, so of course some people who are new to Midway have joined. We welcome everyone and hope that we can be a unifying force for good in Midway. It is true that what binds many of us together is that we have experienced living somewhere else, and we have a basis for comparison for what Midway stands to lose if we don’t take a more focused approach to managing growth. We are interested in solutions that respect landowner rights, not diminish them. We need to work together to find common ground in many different opinions, backgrounds and approaches, that is how we become the strongest. That’s what Pure Midway is all about. We want to be part of the solution and we want YOUR help.